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Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Unwelcome Reemergence of Eren

For anime fans of Attack on Titan, this week Eren has gone through pure hell. He is the most driven character in the series. First is mother is eaten before his eyes in the first episode, then later on as a freshly graduated cadet, who has vowed revenge on the Titans, he himself is eaten.  Yet, for some reason he has survived.  The how of his survival is still a mystery that is slowly being revealed - even to Eren himself. However Eren has survived, his comrades are distrustful of him because he somehow mongered to do the seemly impossible , which is to come out of alive from the body of a rampaging Titan that he appears to a
Titan emerge full grown from the body of another grown Titan.
control with his pure hatred of titan as his motivation. It is interesting that while no one knows how Titans reproduce, this particular

Could the mystery of Eren control over the Titan and his reemergence full intact with both arms be something the Survey
Corps can master to save mankind?

What is Eren? Is he human, or has his father experimented on him  with a titan to make Eren the ultimate monster and savior of humanity? Or, worse yet, is Eren a Titan off-bring found and raised by who Eren believe were his mother and his father?

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