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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Bleach the Live-Action Movie, A Review

Just what was Warner Bros in Japan thinking when they made and released Bleach the Live-Action Movie. It was suppose to be based on Tite Kubo's popular  manga and equally successful anime series "Bleach". However, it did not seem like it.

Most manga/anime that go from print/television to live action movie's adaptations usually follow the series in the order is which the manga/anime was created by the artist. However, with bleach several scenes were out of place. Like the opening scene in the movie of the young Ichigo Kurosaki and his mother. This scene in anime came near the close of the first season as a way to explain to Rukia Kuchiki why he was reluctant to attend his mother annual funeral ceremony. 

In addition, some of the dialog was changed and many scenes and the relationships with the character appeared forced. The close bonds between the characters did not mesh as well as in the anime. And the actor who played Chad could have looked more Mexican and Japanese descent, as in the series, but he did not. In fact in the movie, he looked short, slim, shaggy and demented.

As a diehard Bleach fan on my second viewing of the anime, Warner Bros should have remain faithful to the manga and the anime. However, what we as fans got was a very loosely based and choppy viewing of a still very popular international work of creative art.

This film deserves a makeover to make it into what Tite Kubo created and what we as fan expected.

If you are new to Bleach and would not mind the inconsistencies with the film, it is streaming now on Netflix.

In addition, I have not been able to find the film on sale.

Your Heroes Are Playing Now In Pinellas Park, Florida

That's right! Being on Sept 25th at the Park Place Stadium 16 In Pinellas Park, Florida, Funimation Film's My Hero Academia The Movie is now showing for your enjoyment. 

7200 US HWY 19 NORTH
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