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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Tite Kubo New One-Shot Manga, Burn The Witch

In the year of 2018, July 16, 2019, to be exact, famed Bleach manga creator Tite Kubo, released his one-shot new manga, Burn the Witch. If you in the United Stated missed it, never heard about it, don’t feel alone. Burn the Witch was released in Shueisha, Japan and has not reached our shores.

Nevertheless, the story goes that Burn the Witch is a one-shot spin-off of Tito Kubo most famous and successful manga, Bleach. The setting of this new series is in an alternate London universe, and main characters are two witches working for the British branch of the Soul Society.

Without having read the manga, there is not much else I report about it at this time, except those fans of Tite Kubo’s Bleach who have read it, they are said to be encouraging the creator to expand on the series.

For more information check out The Bleach Wiki: Burn the Witch, website.  

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