Netflix’s Castlevania: Nocturne

Castlevania: Nocturne, a new Netflix animated series, is officially in production. The series is led by showrunner Kevin Kolde and Creator/Writer Clive Bradley and produced by Project 51 Productions with production services provided by Powerhouse Animation. Castlevania: Nocturne follows Richter, a descendant of the Belmont family, popularized in the iconic Symphony of Night and Blood of Rondo Castlevania games. Source: Netflix

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Tite Kubo's Popular Manga, Bleach Comes To An End This August 2016

Yes, sadly it is true. On August 22, 2016 the 74th and final manga issue of Bleach will be release.

For  fifteen long and successful years Tite Kubo's story of Ichigo Kurosaki, the substitute Soul Reaper,  has entertained fans worldwide, first in 73 volumes of manga magazines , followed by the still highly popular anime series that consists of 365 episodes and dubbed in several languages, five movies, video games, trading card game, light novels, and lastly,  a live rock musical will be no more.
While fans will be sorry to see the end of Bleach they cannot help wandering what is next for creator Tite Kubo. 

Trailer of The Devil Is a Part-Timer! Season 2

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