Saturday, August 28, 2021

Take alook as English Sub Trailer for Fena: Pirate Princess Anime

Fena: Pirate Princess also known as Kaizoku Oujo is a joint production by flying DOG, DMM pictures, Crunchyroll SC Anime Fund .

The series tells the tale of a young orphan girl, Fena Houtman. Fena has been raised on an Island where there is no hope of becoming anything more than chattel, to be used and discarded by soldiers of the British Empire. But Fena is more than just another powerless orphan. When her mysterious past comes knocking, Fena will break the chains of her oppressors. Her goal: forge a new identity, free of bondage, and search for a place where she can truly belong and find out the true mysteries behind a keyword "Eden."

It is the story of a lifetime adventure she and her crew of misfits and unlikely allies will have, in pursuit of her goals!  (Source: Crunchyroll)

Status: Currently Airing

Genres: Action, Adventure

Episodes: 12




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